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Infinity Medical Business Solutions (IMBS) is a healthcare consulting group, answering the needs of hospitals, free standing imaging centers and doctor practices.

IMBS provides management services for hospitals and physicians that want to enter the latest clinical and technological breakthroughs and deploys state-of-the-art imaging technology.


Our most recent program is an Advanced Cardiac CT, CT Angiography and Cardiac MR installation at Cabrini Medical Center, a New York City hospital committed to building this high tech sub-specialty. CMC selected this program as part of its restructuring to become a “Boutique” hospital with few advanced specialties.


Our solutions also include the creation of free standing facilities that perform diagnostic imaging and serve as a base for physician practices. In those cases a large number of doctors can become part owners of these very expensive diagnostic technologies. Such off site locations serve as a source of referrals for in-hospital treatment of patients and as community outreach centers for hospitals.


Our advanced cardiac CT program includes; physician and medical staff training, complete office and patient flow set-up and CT Angiography (CTA) over-reads.


Phases for implementation:

·        The course: 1 week (5days) hands-on training of cardiac CT scanning (Siemens Somotom-64) and post-processing (both Siemens’ Leonardo and TeraRecon workstations). The course also includes a series of didactic lectures and syllabus of selected review articles.

·        Site Planning for MRI, CT, and Nuclear Medicine

·        Selection and development of necessary sequences and protocols

·        Applications Training and operations instructions for techs

·        Business elements including CPT code review, and full cost and revenue management.

·        ACC/AHA guidelines for CCT and CMR will be obligatory in 2007.

For more information on this subject please visit Society of Cardiovascular Computer Tomography (SCCT).



We find innovative, creative solutions for your most difficult business challenges. We help you create winning strategies, products, services and processes, driven by customer needs and marketplace opportunities.


1.    Selected joint ventures address the issues of hospitals that are not already advanced in certain specialties by giving them direct access to highly trained doctors and state of the art equipment of other institutions.

2.    Business model based on a “Third-Party Management” solution allows a healthcare entity to eliminate expensive high-tech diagnostic imaging equipment off its books. Virtual elimination of capital costs helps re-focus professional management and reduces financial risk, all at an affordable “per click” fee.


Knowledge, expertise and proven processes

We work side-by-side with your team, clarifying issues, refining ideas and giving them shape. IMBS brings your organization an outside-in viewpoint that introduces a broader perspective. Our rigorous, fact-based data collection and analysis and our proven processes enable your organization to develop sustainable competitive advantages. The result: creation of superior value for shareholders.


Access to equity capital, dedicated to helping talented management teams and entrepreneurs build companies of superior value.

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Last modified: October 15, 2013