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  LEE ROPIAK developed managerial and business skills in New York running two manufacturing facilities, a music publishing company and distribution structures in an extremely competitive environment. He employed, trained and managed as many as fifty production, supervisory and creative employees. As a CEO of an international record company, he grew the business and continued to meet the payroll for fifteen years until 1997.

Subsequently Lee chose to enter the medical industry for its broad impact on everyday life. He worked directly with the founders of diagnostic medical equipment resale industry, as it is known today. Infinity Medical Equipment Services was started in New York City twelve years ago to specialize in diagnostic imaging equipment (primarily in MRI and CT re-sale). He currently works with three to six similar organizations in joint ventures.

In 2002, he became an active participant in the development of GHS (healthcare consulting firm) its strategic business plan as well as its promotion. Lee Ropiak has been an active participant in a phase of a hospital restructuring plan in New York City with emphasis on the “Boutique” model focusing on a small number of specialties. At Cabrini Medical Center in NYC, he helped implement a business model based on a “Third-Party Management” solution for cardiovascular medicine. He helped to provide access to the latest equipment and clinical technology including Cardiac CT, CT Angiography and Cardiac MR. Virtual elimination of capital costs helped re-focus professional management and reduced financial risk, all at an affordable “per click” fee. The hospital effectively pioneered one of the first integration of cardiovascular and radiological specialties culminated by introduction of first CPT codes for that purpose. Currently at Integrated Medical Specialties, LLC, Lee Ropiak is working on adaptations of the above model and related solutions for other organizations.


Lee Ropiak

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Lee Ropiak

Infinity Medical Equipment Services
New York, New York, April 27, 2012