We have done several projects locally and internationally, and equipped the entire hospitals, clinics and imaging centers. We offer them everything from A to Z such us: installation of the systems, providing them with support, maintenance, application training and warranty.

2012 GE Proteus Digital Rad Room Xray

With optional GE Flashpad wireless detectors, FlashPad Specifications: Detector Size 41 cm x 41
cm, Active Matrix 2022 x 2022 pixels, Image Depth 14 BitPixel Pitch 200 microns, Typical Dynamic
Range 0.6 uR – 7.8 mR @ RQA5, Typical DQE 68% (@ 0lp and RQA5, per IEC 62220-1), (The
FlashPad wireless digital detector can be shared between, compatible GE x-ray systems. Good
investment in the future}. Excellent physical condition.