We have done several projects locally and internationally, and equipped the entire hospitals, clinics and imaging centers. We offer them everything from A to Z such us: installation of the systems, providing them with support, maintenance, application training and warranty.


2017 New Performix tube with +/- 24,577,288.Mas seconds. System has 2D, 3D, 4D Acquisition
modes. Reconstruction time in 2D mode is 2D VUE Point (ML-OSEM IL-RSAC) 25 seconds.
Reconstruction time in 3D mode is 3D VUE Point (ML-OSEM IL-RSAC) 125 seconds. Event transfer
rate is 10m events/seconds. Simultaneous acquisition/processing. Measured and automated
scatter correction, Correction for contrast in patient, WLS Weighted List Square reconstruction.
Software Version: dm09_HL2_SP1. Has 10,080 individual crystals. Detector material is BGO. 280
quad PMT's.
Scanner Installed Options: Patient 16 Slice, Power 440, Smart Speed, 90kVa, Direct 3D, Smart Prep,
Direct MPR, Noise Reduction Filter, SmartScore Pro, Connect Pro, Exam Split, EKG Viewer,
AutoMA, 3000 Image Series, Data Export, Copy Composer, Volume Viewer, PET Cardiac Review,
PET Dynamic Review, PET 2D, PET Base, RAD_Rx, PET 3D Interative Recon, PET List Mode, PET
Cardiac, WideView, PET Cardiac Shift, ACQC. PET Software: PET Applications, cjmMain, CTAC

Server, PRM Server. SubSystem Status: PAR, Raptor, Table, Crystal Type: BGO 6x6. CT Scan
Parameters are: 0.5 sub seconds, 0.6, up to 4.0 seconds. PET performance 2D at 84 kcps @49
kBq/cc PET Performace 3D at 63 kcps @12kBq/cc. Two (2) Color Monitors.