We have done several projects locally and internationally, and equipped the entire hospitals, clinics and imaging centers. We offer them everything from A to Z such us: installation of the systems, providing them with support, maintenance, application training and warranty.

2012 Siemens Biograph mCT 64 PET/CT

water cooled, 2017 Tube with only 20k scan seconds less than 500,000 total scan seconds
lso detector, volume workflow, extended fov, pet appl, ct app main, cap 3d main cap 3d rotating
mip, dual mon, nmg-cd viewer, cap 3d multi mon ct app filter mip, cap true d, cap true d main, cap
true d voimode, cap true d filter ssd cap true d filter mip, cap true d filter vrt, cap true d fusion
base cap true d fusion lm, cap true d fusion clip view, cap true d rotating mip, cap true d multi
mon, definition as, 64 slice care dose adjust, care dose, pet hi rez, pet osem 3d, pet cardiac, true d
basic voltage 70 kw