We have done several projects locally and internationally, and equipped the entire hospitals, clinics and imaging centers. We offer them everything from A to Z such us: installation of the systems, providing them with support, maintenance, application training and warranty.

2006 GE Lightspeed VCT 64 CT Scanner

Tube 2019 Hercules (Approx. 30mill Mass), Console GE 6.6 AIO, ASIR, Connect Pro, Smart Prep,
Direct MPR, Data Export, 3000 Image, AutomA, Copy Composer, Neuro Filter, AutoFilter &
Transfer, Patient 64 slice, VCT85KW, CardlQ Snapshot Cine, CardlQ Snapshot, SmartCore Pro,

Volume Viewer, Sub 0.4 second Scan, EKG Viewer, Noise Reduction Filter, Dynamic Z Axis Tracking,
Table GT2000 (long).
Located Southcentral, US
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