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Siemens Avanto 1.5T 18CH MRI

Software NUMARIS/4 Version syngo MR B19 DHHS 18 Channel
Software: COEM VE10K_SL05P05syngo,
(SP1)N4_VB19A_LATEST_20121201_P13, (SP2)N4_VB19A_LATEST_20130827_P19
(SP3)N4_VB19A_FEATURE_20140424_SH07_F3 (SH07)N4_OU_02_SYNGO_VX91C (OU02)
System Console syngo. Acquisition Workplace Hardware, KODAK8700 (Printer DICOM)hc printer
(Printer PS), SQ Engine Tim [76x18], Type of Receiver Boards PCI_RX16, Number of Receiver
Boards 2, Transmitter TRA3, Gradient Power Amplifier K2259/2000V/650A, Gradient Coil AS05,
Stimulation Monitor SAFE MODEL SAR guide line IECRFPA K2204, Advanced SHIM Option Installed,
PMU Installed Patient Table K2253_BASIC, Patient Table Range 2100, Cooling System CHILLER
MSUP Type K2256 (10118361 / 10142046 / 3861296 / 7758209) Coldhead Compressor Sumitomo
F70, Inline Image Filter enabled Coils Body Matrix, CP Breast Array CP Flex Large CP Flex Small
Head Matrix Knee, Neck Matrix PA Matrix feet Shoulder Spine Matrix Wrist Invivo

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